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Saturday, March 17, 2018

What the Heck is a Contemporary Military Romance?

The Blog Queens Sarah Raplee and Judith Ashley are pleased to welcome back for an Encore Visit, Military Romance Author, Jessica Scott. The following is her August 2014 post. We hope you enjoy it as much this time as we did the first time.

By Jessica Scott 

So glad to be here at Romancing the Genre’s today! Sarah and Judith asked me to write about what do I really love about military romance but it dawned on me that we might not necessarily have the same definition of military romance. 

When I was pitching BACK TO YOU to agents and editors all those years ago (and yes, this process started way back in the pre-Cambrian era of 2008 for Laura and Trent) I would always write in the query “an 85,000 military romance”. And at the time, Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooter series was really the bees knees for military romance, right? I mean, hello, Navy Seals anyone? Some would argue that the military romance genre is a thing because of Suz but hey, I think that’s a post for another time. 

Anyway, military romance seemed to trigger thoughts of how does this compare to Suzanne’s SEALs or Joann Ross’s Crossfire series but what those books had in common that mine didn’t was that they were romantic suspense. 

And when agents and editors started reading my book, it was a story about home and hearth but it was set at Fort Hood. 

Who the heck writes about home and hearth and soldiers? The first thing that comes to mind is Robyn Carr’s Virgin River and Joann Ross’s Shelter Bay (seriously, if you haven’t checked out either of those series, go start. now. I’ll wait. Okay, you’re back? Cool:). So I started saying in my queries that my books were contemporary romances like Robyn’s but set in the military with current soldiers instead of former soldiers. 

But even then, my books didn’t quite snuggle up to Robyn’s or Joann’s either. But they were closer. 

It turned out, my books didn’t really fit in the genre of military romance because there weren’t a lot of contemporary romance novels "set in the military". 

My books are about soldiers coming home from war but who, for whatever reason, decide to stay in the military. I write about deciding to stay and fight the good fight, despite all the goo and the stuff that is so darn hard about coming home. 

These books are personal to me because my husband and I had the same conversation every single time he came home from his four deployments. We had the same conversation when I came home from mine. 

And so that’s why I write contemporary military romances. I want to write about the soldiers who stay, the soldiers who love the army but still have to figure out how to deal with all the changes that going to war brought. 

I hope you’ll check them out.


Friday, March 16, 2018

Five Favourites To Get Lost In Again #scifi #romance #superheroes

Hi, I'm Pippa Jay, author of scifi and supernatural stories to engage your emotions.
As a child going into my teens, I was a voracious reader, devouring everything up to and including my parents' books, some of which were probably decidedly inappropriate at the time (Ian Fleming, Georgette Heyer, and Alexander Kent). But into my twenties I settled into focusing on a genre I later came to know as science fiction romance: adventure stories which, to borrow from a relevant franchise, allowed me to boldly go where I'd never gone before!

While I'm currently suffering from reader's block (at least, that's what I call it - an inability or maybe reluctance to get into anything new and even struggling with going back to old favourites), I thought I'd share the last five books that I loved enough to rate them five stars (and trust me, I am super picky!).

To you, my dearest child, I promise the stars…
Nikki’s been to the deepest pit of darkness in the universe and lived to tell about it, barely. But, to move forward with her life, she must first go back to Thetos – where a buried secret and her father’s promise await her return. Despite her independent, defensive nature, she lets Brom into her world and under her skin bit by bit. With her Trexen biology clawing its way into fruition, including unwanted side effects like mind-reading and a deadly temper, she struggles to see herself as worthy of her father’s intellectual legacy. The more she reveals to Brom, the faster she expects him to leave. She quickly learns Orellians don’t give up so easily, and Brom’s as stubborn as they come.
But someone’s been waiting for Nikki’s return and the secret she guards. Its discovery could mean a chance at peace, or lead to all out war. In the wrong hands, even the best intentions can lead to catastrophe, and a promise can decay into regret.
Space opera fans who don't mind a few well written sex scenes in their scifi will love this. For anyone who likes ST, Firefly and Farscape, and/or even just a damn good adventure story with snogging. KoboB&NiBooksAmazon (197 pages $0.99)

A blessing and a curse…
Seven years ago, a single moment changed the course of Nicholaus Bock’s life forever—the moment his preternatural Gift to heal awakened in him. A gift that made him an invaluable commodity to the known galaxy. Now his mentor’s intriguing and secretive new student goes out of her way to challenge his loyalty to everything he values.

A dark secret…
After facing death and destruction during the Anferthian invasion, Sakura Yamata revels in her new-found Gift to heal. Helping Earth’s survivors keeps her mind off the loss of her family, and the memory of the terrible choices she made. Nick could penetrate her defenses and discover what she’s hiding. She must not let the handsome healer close enough for that to happen.

A race facing annihilation…
When a mysterious disease strikes the hidden sanctuary of the Anferthian dissenters, Nick and Sakura are called in to help. But someone is going to great lengths to ensure the dissenters don’t survive. Nick and Sakura must set aside their differences and work together to save them before the fragile peace between three worlds is shattered.

While this wasn't the same 'tear out your heart and stomp on it' rollercoaster of book one (or maybe I was just better prepared) it is a worthy successor in this series. You will need to have read book one to follow this as I don't think it would stand well alone even if it focuses on different main characters. A heartwarming sexy romance between two characters struggling to overcome troubled pasts and really be the saviours of the title for an alien race depending on them. Both make a journey of discovery and find ways to heal themselves as well as their alien allies. Recommended for those who like medical/adventure romances in exotic locations as it may be a little light on the SciFi elements for the SFR fans. KoboB&NiBooksAmazon (231 pages $3.99)


They made the wrong choice. Putting it right requires going into a war.

A'yen's Reign: Year Two
Taran has served Nicco, prince of Marcase, for twenty-three years. While on a fact-finding mission to Corsica--a planet annexed by the empire thirteen years ago--Taran and Nicco are kidnapped by the Freedom Alliance and taken deep into the Corsican hardwood forests.

Da'Renna, sister to King A'yen's linked bodyguard, has loved Taran since the moment he saw her. Leaving him behind wasn't easy, but her brother needed her more. Hearing about Taran's kidnapping makes her wonder if she made the right choice.
With the help of a friend from Corsica, Da'Renna and her brother sneak in to find Taran. When mercenaries take her hostage, Taran must make the choice he dreads most: his master, or his soul-mate.
If Taran loses his girl, he'll never find his way to freedom.

Note: This novel stands alone and is a great entry point into the A'yen's Legacy futuristic romance series. Recommended for those who want to try scifi romance but are put off by the prospect of having to wade through a lot of science, or for paranormal/UF lovers looking for something a bit different to the usual vampires, shifters, demons etc. You don't even have to have read the previous books in the series as this can stand alone (though personally I would suggest that you do). KoboB&NAmazon (pages 321,  $4.99)


Superpowers don't make you a hero…

Verity Fortune's crime-fighting days are over. In exile, defeated by her smug supervillain nemesis, her shady past exposed—even her own superpowered family condemns her as a traitor. Whatever it takes, Verity's determined to prove she can still be a force for good.

Now, Sapphire City faces a new threat: a delinquent duo with extraordinary powers and a terrifying talent for destruction. Outmatched and on the run, her telekinetic powers faltering, Verity can't defeat this menace alone—but whom can she trust, when the only person who believes in her is her arch-enemy?

I loved this book and I'm addicted to this series. Verity's constant doubts that she's a good woman, a superhero, or in any way beautiful or worthy of even friendship make for some great inner angst and romantic tension. There is action aplenty, smexiness, and interesting twists and turns. While this wrapped up its own story and some of book one, there is still plenty unresolved for at least one more book (hopefully more). For those who love superheroes, sassy repartee, sweet heroes and dyed to the bone evil villains with lots of action and some nicely done smexiness. Oh, and for those who think body count in a superhero book should be more realistic than Hollywood.

It's Chicago's favorite city son vs Delilah, daughter of Dr. Charm. America's second city will never know what hit it.
Bootleggers, drug dealers, crooked cops, and dirty politicians... Chicago has always had a reputation for indulging in the finer vices of life. That’s why Doctor Charm’s favorite daughter found America’s Second City so appealing; criminals are never boring. As second in command for the powerful Subrosa Security group, Delilah Samson finds opportunities to use her superpowers at every turn. Whether it’s stealing a priceless French painting from a mobster or stopping a drug deal, she’s game.
In fact, the only thing she doesn’t care for is Chicago’s favorite native son, Deputy Mayor Alan Adale, the man who made Lucifer jealous. Sinfully handsome, or possibly just sinful, Adale has been pursuing Delilah since she first arrived, and she’s been dodging.

When she finds ties between the new kingpin in town and a drug The Company wants to buy so they can create more superheroes, Delilah takes the gloves off. Teaming up with the spooky Spirit of Chicago, she aims to take down the dealers, the mobsters, the kingpin, and The Company. All without falling in love with the one man capable of capturing her heart.
*Originally published by Breathless Press

Anyone who loves superheroes, and likes their romance on the sweet and sensual side rather than explicit will adore this. There's plenty of action, a hint of comedy, snarky repartee, and intrigue, all packed into this delightful novella. Buy the series!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lost in YA stories

Hi everyone! I am YA, and now MG author Barbara Binns , writer of contemporary and realistic fiction for adolescents and teens. My tagline tells you what I am about - Stories of Real Boys Growing Into Real Men - and the people who love them.  My newest book, Courage, is middle grade fiction that will be coming out this summer from Harper Collins.

At the ALA Midwinter conference, I saw very few adult romances. Publishers attend the conference in droves for the opportunity to get their books in front of librarians from across the country. There are literally thousands of advance reader copies of books handed out to attendees to build hype for up-and-coming releases.

I grabbed an advance reader copy of What A Difference A Duke Makes by Lenora Bell by Avon from their booth. Outside of titles in the Harlequin booth and a few in some of the Indie booths, there was little or no other adult romance books at vendor booths during the librarian conference. I know, I actively searched for romance books. While there may be more during the larger, summer conference in New Orleans (Unfortunately I will not be able to attend) the lack was disturbing.

What A Difference A Duke Makes is a classic, and joyously funny, story of a governess and her employer, a Duke with a set of headstrong twins. His father abused his power and position with the more comely servants and he is determined not to continue that tradition.  Mari knows how to deal with rebellious orphans, surely she can deal with two pampered Duke's offspring without having to smother her rebellious nature for their father's benefit. Thus begins a game of governess versus duke, where even loosing is a victory.

What A Difference A Duke Makes goes on sale at the end of March, 2018.

On the other hand, there were tons of YA, including booths dedicated to them. Just as some people turn their backs on “bodice rippers”, too many adult readers continue to shun a fantastic area where authors are taking risks and readers are loving it.

Why Not YA?

Young adulthood is a time when passions run high. Witness what is happening in Florida and across the United States right now. I still remember the days when I too eschewed the dictum that you can’t beat city hall, when I fully believed that with right on my side I and my peers could accomplish anything. That’s an element that sets YA apart from other books, that youthful passion and belief that somewhere there has to be rightness and justice. The right books shows how that passion and optimism bleeds over into romance.

YA stories are seldom about people seeking happily ever afters. Very few of us find soul mates at sixteen (although I know some people in long term marriages who met in high school and would argue that point). It is about firsts, finding your place in the world, hopefully including a happily for now. As a result, books about younger protagonists present something special and different. That's what many readers of any age want, the same...but different.

A few of the YA gems I uncovered while at the ALA conference:

Me and Me by Alice Kuipers explores the “road not taken” a la Robert Frost’s poem. The fork in Lark’s life comes the day she has to chose one life to save. Either the five year old child she used to babysit for, or her boyfriend. The future will be different depending on who she selects to go after. She knows this, because in the book she splits and lives both timelines, just like in an episode of Star Trek. We journey with her as she explores both possible futures, the loss of the boy she loves or the end of the child she cares about. It’s a journey inside ourselves most of us never face, but she uncovers clues that say her mother also once had a similar split.

Me and Me goes on sale in October, 2018.

In Twelve Steps To Normal, author Farrah Penn describes Kira’s attempts to reclaim a lost love, a familiar theme in adult romance novels. What is unfamiliar, is the reason why she lost him. She's been away for almost a year while her father was in rehab for his alcoholism. Now he's been released and she is back home with him, her ex-boyfriend Jay,  the former best friend who is now with Jay, and Alex, a boy she has known forever and whom she liked, until he sent her a shocking text when she first left home.

Thanks to social media she has kept up with events back home, at least enough to be unsure how she will handle the grand reunion. She puts together a list of twelve steps for returning her life to normal. One of those steps is forgiving her father. Another is getting back with Jay. She also has to decide if she can still be friends with Alex and the information in that text.

Twelve Steps To Normal was just put on sale this week.

We Regret To Inform You is the young person’s version of an unsuccessful job hunt, even when your resume is perfect. Mischa Abramavicius (I kid you not, that is her name) finds that her star student status at an elite private high school is not enough to get her accepted into any college, not even her safety school. On paper, she is perfect and any school would be thrilled to have her and her many class and extracurricular accomplishments - unless the paper was altered. (I did say YA was a time of passion, and no passionate person will take rejection easily.)

Mischa sets out to discover who tampered with her record. She enlists the aid of Nate, even if it is embarrassing to be his "poor" friend. Armed with that youthful passion, she ends up exposing a school conspiracy that goes beyond her. Life in high school is exactly like Game Of Thrones where there are only so many spots at the top. That means someone has to be at the bottom. The conspiracy she and Nate uncover could land her a birth at a prestigious college - as long as she is willing to keep silent and preserve the status quo.

We Regret To Inform You will be released in August, 2018.

And of course there is my upcoming novel, Courage. At seventh grade life is more about developing friendships, initial relationships with peers, instead of genuine romance. T'Shawn, the protagonist, doesn't want the impossible. He just wants life to continue being good. Unfortunately,  that's impossible with his ex-con brother returning home, and preparing to live in the same bedroom with him.

This becomes an area where friendships are tested, including his budding interest in Carmela and Linda, two girls in his class ready to help him deal with the problem that is his prodigal son brother. Unfortunately, they hand him contradictory advice on how to handle the future, and, in the end, what to do next has to be his own decision.

Courage is being released in July, 2018.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Secret to Writing Great Villains

by Madelle Morgan

The secret is two words: character quirks.

And what better source for inspiration than extended family? Sit back at gatherings, observe, and use their strengths and weaknesses, unique idiosyncrasies and passions to humanize your villains. Change the names and appearances, of course!

My widowed mother suffered a health crisis in January and could no longer safely live alone, shop or cook. Two of my sisters and I lived with Mom in her apartment on a rotating basis until we were able to move her into a seniors residence on March 2.

I’d soon discover that aspects of my sisters’ characters were in fact villainous under those specific circumstances.

The Zealot

Sister One is hyper-vigilant about every substance that goes on or in her body: no tuna, mussels or most other seafood (mercury), only organic vegetables and greens (pesticides), no drinking out of lead crystal glasses (lead poisoning), and on and on. The rest of the family ignores her, being of the “everything in moderation” camp. I eat seafood and non-organic veggies. I drink from Mom’s beautiful 1950s lead crystal glasses on special occasions. I apparently live dangerously.

I had no idea Sister One would strong-arm a dependent person into compliance with her views. Mom wanted a new lipstick. Mom had to rely on Sister One to take her to the drugstore, who nixed the lipstick. The toxic chemicals! You’d think Mom wanted to smear cyanide on her lips! Sister One insisted Mom buy a natural lip balm instead. And she made Mom PAY for the expensive lip balm she didn’t want.

When Sister One moved her mother-in-law into a seniors’ home, she and her husband denied the woman the opportunity to choose what items to take, because “it was easier”. She wanted to do the same to our Mom. Both elderly women have all their marbles. They’re just in the unfortunate position of being at the mercy of their family.

The Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove

Sister Two calmly and rationally organizes Mom’s life under the guise of “this is what is best for you”, ignoring her protests and never asking for input or feedback. I witnessed Mom grow increasingly angry and frustrated under the gentle tyranny. “Always Right” Sister Two never listens to anyone, including me. But when she doesn’t listen to a powerless person and “makes it happen” anyway, it becomes bullying.

The Villain or the Victim?

Both sisters blithely took away Mom’s ability to make her own choices. Over time, don’t you think it’s enough to drive a person to murderous rage?

Such emotional abuse can escalate to physical and financial elder abuse. As co-executor of my grandmother’s estate a few years ago, I discovered that my bookkeeper aunt manipulated Grandma into paying for house renovations and utility bills in return for room and board. My partially blind grandmother signed post-dated checks to cover my aunt’s mortgage payments. God help my aunt’s larcenous soul. It was like taking candy from a baby. Would it then be an easy next step to bilk clients? 

God help all dependent, powerless people, young and old, who are victims of abuse. Can you blame the victims for retaliating? Who then is the villain—the abuser or the victim in unbearable circumstances who lashes back?

Not all villains are evil. They could be your friends or family members. Under the right circumstances, the villain could be me. Or you. Sobering thought.

Madelle (who wears lipstick)

Madelle Morgan  writes romance set in Canada. 

Petra’s buddy Carter in Madelle's romantic thriller Diamond Hunter  on Amazon is a good guy gone bad—a secondary villain. Read it for free in Kindle Unlimited.

5 stars! This Romantic Dramedy is wonderfully written. Catrina is both beautiful and flawed, strong in spite of the past horrors. While not as lighthearted as Caught on Camera, it still manages to to read like your favorite movie you keep in your DVD collection. —Goodreads review

Last Chance to buy at $0.99! Seduced by the Screenwriter is available on Amazon free in KU and for $0.99 to buy until the end of March. After that, it will go wide (Kobo, iBooks) and revert to the permanent price of $3.99.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Paradise Regained in a Book!

By: Marcia King-Gamble

As readers, yes, and as writers, we love being turned on to work we might not be familiar with. I know I do.  Introduce me to a new author, and I just might fall in love with them. I’m here today to give kudos and loud shout outs to a talented author I’m proud to call my friend. He’s a writer I know you will enjoy.

The irony of this is that I’ve known this man for what seems forever, and yet I had never read his work. He is one of the kindest and most articulate men I have yet to meet, also smart and well-respected in his field.  It was only happenstance that provided me with an opportunity to read his work.

It was at my local Romance Writers holiday party last December that I had the opportunity to pick up a copy of his book for free. He’d brought several promotional copies of his work to hand out.  I of course snagged a book.  Enthusiastic reader that I am, there are times that meeting a deadline simply gets in the way of me keeping up with books being released.

But this time I was bent and determined to read my friend’s book from cover to cover. I am always intrigued to see if an author’s personality or quirks make their way into their books. Besides, this was a man I greatly admired. 

Book in hand, off I went to my bi-monthly pedicure, knowing fully well that I would have no choice than to be a captive audience.  It would be read the book, or read magazines in Vietnamese.  The former would win out.  I was guaranteed to get through at least the first two chapters without interruptions.

From page one, I was immediately pulled into the story, because in many ways it reminded me of The Thorn Birds. Sadly, when my pedicure ended, I did not want to say goodbye to the characters. That hasn’t happened for quite some time.  But it wasn’t just the storyline that pulled me in, it was the magical writing and the vivid imagery. Now don’t get me wrong, there were disappointing times, and frustrating times when the women made choices I would never have made. But I had to keep in mind this was the sixties, and women weren’t as independent, or liberated, nor did they have the choices they have today.

Now for the title and author.   The book is the Magdalen Girls and it’s written by V. S. Alexander.

The story is set in a convent in Dublin. The year is 1962, and the nuns are running the Magdalen Laundries, staffed by allegedly fallen girls sent there to rehabilitate. Many of these young girls only sin was being so pretty they tempted a man.  

 Here’s what some readers had to say about The Magdalen Girls:

“This book is worth reading. Great story about the Magdalen laundries in Ireland. The characters are great, and the story has a lot of twists and turns. What makes it good is the story is based on true facts.

“I was lucky enough to win copies of this book for one of my book groups. It tells a fascinating story about Dublin’s convent of The Sisters of the Holy where “problem” girls were sent to live. Society was harsh, and sometimes the girls really hadn’t done anything wrong like one of the protagonists, Teagan Tiernan, whose only sin was being a beauty. Her beauty attracted the attention of a new priest who lusted after her. After his confession to the bishop, the bishop feared a scandal might follow. To prevent anything from advancing, he went to Teagan’s family and made arrangements for Teagan to be sent there.” 

About the Author:

V.S. Alexander is an ardent student of history with a strong interest in music and the visual arts. Some of V.S.’s writing influences include Shirley Jackson, Oscar Wilde, Daphne du Maurier, or any work by the exquisite Brontë sisters.  He also writes under the pseudonym of Vincent Wilde. Hs latest release is The Taster.

Pick up your copies of The Magdalen Girls and/or The Taster. Both are Kensington publications and can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or on the author’s website.           

You’re in for a treat.

About Marcia King-Gamble
Romance writer, Marcia King-Gamble originally hails from a sunny Caribbean island where the sky and ocean are the same mesmerizing shade of blue. This former travel industry executive and current world traveler has spent most of life in the United States. A National Bestselling author, Marcia has penned over 34 books and 8 novellas. Her free time is spent at the gym, traveling to exotic locales, and caring for her animal family.
Visit Marcia at or “friend” her on Facebook:

Her Latest release with co-author Sandra Kitt is titled By Design.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Authors4Veterans (and Giveaway) by Stacey Joy Netzel AND PJ Fiala

Hello Romancing the Genres readers! Authors4Veterans (A4V) is thrilled to be here today to tell you a little about us (Stacey & PJ), our books, our mission, and the sponsoring authors who help make A4V possible. We are a non-profit charity dedicated to supporting veterans and their families, to show our love and appreciation for those who’ve served our country.

Both of us are mothers of military sons, and veterans causes and charities have always been a focus for both of us, so we decided to take it to the next level with Authors4Veterans.

Not only do we love supporting our veterans, but we each also love to write military men and women in our books. Stacey Joy Netzel’s Dare to Trust in her Colorado Trust Series features a wounded-yet-fiesty veteran heroine, and PJ Fiala’s Moving to Love has a sexy-as-all-get-out veteran hero.

Find all of Stacey’s books
at her website
Back to A4V and our mission...we are currently supporting Fisher House Milwaukee by putting together care packages for families with veteran loved ones in the Zablocki Milwaukee VA Medical Center.

In November 2017, A4V delivered 30 overflowing care packages filled with books, personal care and comfort items, and snacks donated by our awesome sponsoring authors (many of whom have military family members, have served themselves, and/or write military romance). 

Make sure to check them out – these wonderful authors go above and beyond for those who have gone above and beyond.

Find all of PJ’s books
at her website  
Along with the care packages, A4V does a huge reader giveaway with our main fundraisers, and smaller giveaways in the months between. One of them is going on right now, and you can
enter the giveaway HERE.

Readers and authors alike...we’d love to have you be a part of our mission. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow A4V on social media to be notified of upcoming fundraisers and giveaways.

Stacey Joy Netzel: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stacey Joy Netzel promises no matter the trials of the journey, you get a Happily Ever After at the end of her books. She is a wife, daughter, and mother of veterans, and lives in N.E. Wisconsin with her family, a horse, and some hilarious cats. She writes steamy romantic suspense and small town contemporary romance with sexy, rugged heroes, and strong, resilient heroines. Colorado, Wisconsin, and Italy are favorite settings for her books, and she is a three time winner of Wisconsin Romance Writers’ Write Touch Readers’ Award.

PJ Fiala: Writing has been a desire my whole life. Once I found the courage to write, life changed for me in the most profound way. Bringing stories to readers that I'd enjoy reading and creating characters that are flawed, but lovable is such a joy.

When not writing, I'm with my family doing something fun. My husband, Gene, and I are bikers and enjoy riding to new locations, meeting new people and generally enjoying this fabulous country we live in.

I come from a family of veterans. My grandfather, father, brother, two sons, and one daughter-in-law are all veterans. Needless to say, I am proud to be an American and proud of the service my amazing family has given.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Lost in Which Genre?

Diana McCollum-- Life is often chaotic in our home, but when I have a few hours of uninterrupted writing time, I use it, as it is a precious commodity.

A lifetime avid reader, I enjoy creating worlds where anything is possible. I can’t help but include an element of the paranormal in my stories, and always a happily-ever-after.

For me there are different levels of being ‘lost in a book’.

I read a lot of different genres. Straight romance, Regency’s in particular, I find highly entertaining. However, they are books I can read a chapter and put the book aside. I tend to read these types of stories in the evening, in bed. I’m “lost in the story” enough to enjoy, but not enough to keep me awake.

Paranormal, Romance and Suspense author Nora Roberts’ story lines are fast paced, cover tough topics and are good, because of that I do have a hard time stopping at just one chapter. If I sit with one of her books, I’ll be ‘lost in the book’ and reading for a couple of hours. Her stories come alive, and I have to find out what happens.

For me most romances and some romantic suspense books are ‘slow paced’. When they are not fast paced I tend to get bored, and can easily put the book aside for a day or two. I usually read this type when I take a break from household tasks.

I don’t know if it is because I’m a mature reader now, but I seem to be pickier about what I spend my time reading.

Now a good thriller, like the one I’m reading right now by Harlan Coben, “Missing You”, will keep me reading straight through to the end. With three interlacing plot lines and fast pacing I’m intrigued to the very end. No reading one chapter at a time with his book!

I know this probably seems strange to enjoy thrillers most of all when I write paranormal romance! Hey, each to his own choices. That’s what entertains me!!

Do you read certain books during the day, night or. .?

If you haven’t read my book “The Witch with the Trident Tattoo”, leave a comment and you could win a free e-book copy.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Getting Lost in a Book, and Finding the World

I was a reader long before I became a writer. I was read to as a child, and it didn’t take long for me to qualify as a bookworm. I later became an English teacher so reading could be part of my profession. (I also like working with young people, so it was a natural fit.) And I still read as many books as I can fit into my schedule. I love getting lost in books.

A good book can carry the reader along to a different life. She can learn what it’s like to walk around in someone else’s shoes, or learn about a different place or time. I’ve learned about so many things, from building medieval cathedrals to Chinese cooking, thanks to books. But most importantly, I’ve been able to understand people better. I’ve had a glimpse of what it means to live as a Latina teen, or an African American female pilot, or a hundred other lives, thanks to reading. That ability to see through someone else’s eyes is the greatest gift of books. It can change lives for the better. And with enough lives and over time, it will make the world a better place.  

Here are a few of the books I’ve read in the last year that I recommend the next time you want to get lost in a book:
YA: The Ocean in My Ears by Meagan Macvie, Outrun the Moon by Stacey Lee, The Game of Love and Death by Martha Brockenbrough
Adult: How To Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran, Caught by You by Jennifer Bernard, Tiffany Girl by Deeanne Gist

Have you read a book you’d like to share with us? Please add a comment.

Lynn Lovegreen has lived in Alaska for almost fifty years. She taught for twenty years before retiring to make more time for writing. She enjoys her friends and family, reading, and volunteering at her local library. Her young adult/new adult historical romances are set in Alaska, a great place for drama, romance, and independent characters. See her website at You can also find her on Facebook, Goodreads, and Pinterest.